Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. Isaac the Syrian: The Blessing of Humility

Be despised and rejected in your own eyes, and you will see the Glory of GOD within yourself, for where humility blossoms, there GOD's Glory bursts forth.

If you strive to be slighted openly by all men, GOD will magnify your honour. If you are humble in your heart, then in your heart, HE will show you HIS Glory.

Learn how to be despised, while being filled with the LORD's honour, rather than how to be honoured, while you are smitten within.

Blessed is he who who has humbled himself in all things, for he will be exalted in all. For someone who for GOD's sake humbles himself and thinks meanly of himself, is glorified by GOD.

The person who hungers and thirsts for GOD's sake, GOD will make drunk with HIS good things, with the wine whose inebriation never leaves those who drink it.

He, who goes naked for GOD's sake is clad by HIM in raiment of glory. He who becomes poor and in need for GOD's sake is strengthened in consolation by HIS true riches.

Despise yourself for GOD's sake, and without your being aware of it your glory will become great. --St. Isaac the Syrian

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