Saturday, June 2, 2012

St. Isaac the Syrian: Seek the LORD in Prayer

Sit in the Presence of the LORD every moment of your life, as you think of HIM and recollect HIM in your heart.

Otherwise, when you only see HIM after a period of time, you will lack freedom of converse with HIM, out of shame; for great freedom of converse is born out of constant association with HIM.

Constant association with fellow-beings involves the body, whereas when it is with GOD, it involves the soul's meditation and the offering of prayers.

As a result of its great intensity, this mediation is sometimes mingled with wonder: "The heart of those who sek the LORD shall rejoice."

Seek the LORD, O sinners, and be strengthened in your thoughts with hope.

Seek HIS Face through repentance at all times - and you shall be sanctified by the Holiness of HIS Face. You shall be purged of your wickedness.

Run to the LORD, all who are wicked: HE forgives wickedness and removes sins. --St. Isaac the Syrian

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