Saturday, June 9, 2012

St. Isaac the Syrian: Spiritual Vision

Faith is the gateway to the mysteries. What the eyes of the body are to sensory objects the same is faith to the eyes of the mind as they gaze on hidden treasures.

We have two eyes of the soul, just as we have the body's two eyes, as the Fathers say.

But these do not both have the same function of sight: with one we see the hidden Glory of GOD which is concealed within nature, togther with HIS Might, HIS Wisdom, and HIS eternal thought for us, all of which can be perceived through HIS special providence for us.

With the same eye we also behold the spiritual orders, our fellow-beings.

But with the other eye we behold the Glory of GOD's Holy Nature.

When our LORD wishes to admit us to spiritual mysteries, HE opens wide the sea of faith in our minds. --St. Isaac the Syrian

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