Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Shepherd Of Hermas: Behold The Glory Of The LORD

...Behold the GOD of Hosts, WHO by HIS invisible and mighty POWER and by HIS great WISDOM created the world, and by HIS glorious PURPOSE clothed HIS creation with beauty, and by HIS mighty WORD fixed the heaven and set the earth's foundations upon the waters, and by HIS OWN WISDOM and PROVIDENCE created HIS Holy Church, which HE also blessed--behold, HE is removing the heavens and the mountains and the hills and the seas, and all things are becoming level for HIS elect, that HE might keep the promise which HE promised to them with great glory and joy, if they keep GOD's commandments, which they received with great faith. --Vision 1:3

...Act like a man... --Vision 1:4

...You, therefore, who work righteousness must be steadfast, and do not be double-minded, in order that you may gain entrance with the holy angels. Blessed are those of you who patiently endure the coming great tribulation and who will not deny their Life. For the LORD has sworn by HIS SON that those who have denied their LORD have been rejected from their Life, that is, those who now are about to deny HIM in the coming days. But to those who formerly denied HIM mercy has been granted because of HIS great mercy. --Vision 2:2

...Blessesd are all those who practice righteousness, they will never be destroyed. ... --Vision 2:3

...The Church...was created before all things, therefore she is elderly, and for her sake, the world was formed. ... --Vision 2:4

--The Shepherd of Hermas (mid second century AD)

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