Thursday, May 24, 2012

St. Basil the Great: By Simplicity Cultivate Humility

No detail can be neglected as too insignificant to help us in ridding ourselves of pride. The soul grows like it practices, and is formed and fashioned in accordance with its conduct. Your appearance, your dress, your style of meals, your house and its contents, should all be arranged with a view to cheapness. Give me - I beg - no elaborate arguments in your talk, no vaunting and wearisome discussions: in all then try to avoid bigness. Be kind to your friend, gentle to your servant, patient with the impudent, amiable to the lowly. Console the afflicted, visit the distressed, despise none. Be agreeable in address, cheerful in reply, readily accesible to all. Never sing your own praises, nor get other people to sing them. Never allowing any uncivil communication, conceal as far as possible your own superiority [spiritual life]. --St. Basil the Great

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