Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Shepherd of Hermas: Third Mandate

...Love truth, and allow only the truth to come from your mouth, in order that the spirit, which GOD caused to live in this flesh may prove to be true in the sight of all men; and thus will the LORD WHO lives in you be glorified. For the LORD is truthful in every word, and there is nothing false in HIM. Therefore, those who lie reject the LORD and defraud the LORD, for they do not return to HIM the deposit which they received. For they received from HIM a spirit uncontaminated by deceit. If they return this as a lying spirit, they have polluted the LORD's Commandment and become thieves. ... must, as GOD's servant, live truthfully, and an evil conscience must not live with the SPIRIT of TRUTH, nor bring grief to the SPIRIT is HOLY and TRUE. ...

...If you obey these and from now on speak only the truth, you will be able to attain life for yourself. And whoever hears this commandment and has nothing to do with falsehood, that most pernicious habit, will live to GOD. --The Shepherd of Hermas, Mandate 3 (mid second century AD)

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