Saturday, May 12, 2012

Truly GOD, Truly Man

From the Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew 21:5 (NIV)

"See, your King comes to you..."

The GOD of all things and of HIS holy angels was made known beforehand through the prophets... As a result, all the Jewish people hung in expectation of HIS coming. After JESUS' arrival, however, they fell into a keen dispute with each other. A large number acknowledged CHRIST and believed HIM to be the object of prophecy while others didn't believe in HIM.. Instead, they dared to inflict upon JESUS cruelties HIS disciples truthfully and candidly recorded. But both JESUS and HIS disciples desired that HIS followers wouldn't believe merely in HIS Godhead and miracles (as if HE hadn't also taken on human nature and assumed the human flesh which "lusteth against the SPIRIT"), but that they would also see that HE had descended into human nature and into the midst of human miseries. HE assumed a human soul and body. From HIM there began the genuine union of the Divine with the human nature, in order that the human, by communion with the Divine, might rise to be divine... Everyone who lives according to JESUS' teaching rises to a friendship with GOD and communion with HIM. --Origen

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