Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Shepherd of Hermas: The Ninth Mandate

...Rid yourself of double-mindedness, and do not be at all double-minded about asking GOD for something, saying to yourself, for example, "How can I ask for something from GOD and receive it, when I have sinned so often against HIM?" Do not reason in this way, but turn to the LORD with all your heart and ask of HIM unhesitatingly, and you will know HIS extraordinary compassion, because HE will never abandon you, but will fulfill your soul's request. For GOD is not like men, who bear grudges, no, HE is without malice and has compassion on HIS creation.

Do, therefore, cleanse your heart of all the vanities of this life, and of all the things mentioned to you...and ask of the LORD, and you will receive everything, and will not fail to receive all of your requests, if you ask unhesitatingly. But if you hesitate in your heart, you will certainly not receive any of your requests. For those who hesitate in their relation to GOD are the double-minded, and they never obtain any of their requests. But those who are perfect in faith make all their requests trusting in the LORD, and they receive them, because they ask unhesitatingly, without any double-mindedness.

For every double-minded man, unless he repents, will scarcely be saved. So cleanse your heart of double-mindedness and put on faith, because it is strong, and trust GOD that you will receive all the requests you make.

And whenever you ask for something from the LORD and you receive your request rather slowly, do not become double-minded just because you did not receive your soul's request quickly, for assuredly it is because of some temptation or some transgression, of which you are ignorant, that you are receiving your request rather slowly. Do not, therefore, stop making your soul's request, and you will receive it. But if you become weary and double-minded as you ask, blame yourself and not the ONE WHO gives to you.
Beware of this double-mindedness, for it is evil and senseless, and has uprooted many from the Faith, even those who are very faithful and strong. For this double-mindedness is indeed a daughter of the devil, and does much evil to GOD's servants. So despise double-mindedness and gain mastery over it in everything by clothing yourself with faith that is strong and powerful.

For faith promises all things, perfects all things, but double-mindedness, not having any confidence in itself, fails in all the works it tries to do.

So you see...that faith is from above, from the LORD, and has great power, but double-mindedness is an earthly spirit from the devil that has no power. So serve faith, which has power, and have nothing to do with double-mindedness, which has no power, and you will live to GOD, indeed, all who are so minded will live to GOD. ...--The Shepherd of Hermas: Mandate 9 (mid second century AD)

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