Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Shepherd of Hermas: Serve To Dwell With the Saints

..."Do you see seven women around the tower?" "I see them, madam," I said. "This tower [the Church] is supported by them by the LORD's command. Now hear about their functions. The first of them, the woman with the strong hands, is called Faith, through her GOD's elect are saved. The second, who is dressed for work and acts like a man, is called Self-Control, she is the daughter of Faith. Whoever follows her will be blessed in his life, because he will refrain from all evil deeds, believing that if he refrains from every evil desire he will inherit eternal life." "And who are the others, madam?" "They are daughters of one another, and they are called Sincerity, Knowledge, Innocence, Reverence, and Love. So, when you do all the works of their mother, you can live." "I would like to know, madam," I said, "what power each of them has." "Listen," she said, "to the powers they have. Their powers are controlled by one another, and they follow one another, in the order in which they were born. From Faith is born Self-Control, from Self-Control, Sincerity, from Sincerity, Innocence, from Innocence, Reverence, from Reverence, Knowledge, and from Knowledge, Love. Their works, therefore, are pure and reverent and divine. ..."
"...So whoever serves these and has the strength to do their works will have a dwelling in the tower [the Church Triumphant] with the Saints of GOD." ...

...Then I began to ask her about the times, in particular if the consummation had already arrived. But she cried out with a loud voice, saying: "You foolish man, can't you see that the tower [the Church] is still being built? When the tower is finished being built, then the end comes. But it will be built up quickly. Do not ask any more questions; this reminder and the renewal of your spirits is sufficient for you and for the Saints. ..."

"...speak all these the ears of the saints, in order that by hearing and doing them they may be cleansed from their wickeness, and you with them." -- The Shepherd of Hermas, Vision 3:8 (mid second century AD)

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