Tuesday, May 22, 2012

St. Isaac the Syrian: On Two Humilities

There is a humility which comes out of the fear of GOD, and there is a humility which comes from fervent love of GOD. One person is humble out of his fear, whereas another is humble out of his joy. The person who is humble out of fear is possessed of modesty in his members, a right ordering of his senses, and a heart that is contrite at all times. But the person who is humble out of joy is possessed of great exuberence and an open and irrepressible heart. Love knows no bashfulness: for this reason she does not know how to give orderly propriety to her members. Love is by nature unabashed and forgetful of moderation. Blessed is the person who has found you, O Love, the haven of all joy! The assembly of the humble is loved of GOD just as the assembly of the seraphim. A chaste body is more precious before GOD than a pure offering. These two, humility and chastity, prepare a tabernacle in the soul for the HOLY TRINITY. --St. Isaac the Syrian

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